Moroccan Association for Applied Sciences and Innovation (MAASI) is an association of academics and researchers from different fields, founded on 2018 by a group of researchers and academics in marge of Afro-Med Multidisciplinary Conference (RMA2018). The aims of MAASI is to promote and share knowledge about applied researches and support young researchers.  Indeed, MAASI Association strengthen the capacities of researchers through the organization of seminars, workshops, and conferences.

The vision of MAASI is to create a bridge between scientific domain. So, our members are organized on set of “Researchers Group Interests” related to specific domain or topics in : Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Management, Social Sciences, Biology, Health, Chimistry…..

MAASI offers a series of support for its members and for all those interested in scientific research, to improve their works and presentation of their results. For this reason, MAASI edits and publishes a series of proceeding, journals and books for the dissemination of works for the community.